How to Object to London Concrete Planning Proposal


How to Object to London Concrete’s Planning Application – A Quick Guide

Visit here -  link for Haringeys planning portal where you can lodge your objections.

The Council can only take into account 'material planning considerations' when looking at your comments. Please relate your objections specifically to what London Concrete are asking for i.e.;

  • Condition 3: an increase from 5 operational mixer trucks on site to 11;
  • Condition 27: increase the number of operational mixer truck movements to 150 a day (from 50) Monday to Friday with a maximum of 180; and 90 on a Saturday
  • Condition 28: Increase no. of private concrete vehicle movements to 18 a day on average with 30 max (Mon-Sat);
  • Concrete 29 - increase the number of cement deliveries permitted to 12 a day on a six day week average with a 12 a day maximum


Tailor each objection personally and do not submit proforma objections.

Reasons you can raise include (we suggest you these headings in this order) to argue that the application woukd have an unacceptably adverse effect on the local community: 

  • Traffic Generation and highway safety
  • Living conditions –
  • Noise
  • Disturbance
  • Vibration
  • Dust and air pollution
  • Transport and Highway Safety
  • Impact on local economy and jobs
  • Nature Conversation
  • Need for a plant

It is important to understand that the material considerations relevant to any particular application will need to be weighed in the final decision process according to their seriousness and relative importance.

To get an idea of how the planning authorities will view your objections read the 2006 planning officers decision here and here

Councillor Raj Sahota