Incident on Stapleton Hall Road


As you may be aware, the emergency services, council and utilities responded to an incident at Stapleton Hall Road N4 today.

An explosion at a property on Stapleton Hall Road took place at around 11:52hrs after reports that a resident was refusing to be evicted by bailiffs. Upon arrival there was a localised explosion which resulted in injuries to the resident (burns) of the address and  a police officer (broken arm). The resident was airlifted for treatment in hospital.

A cordon was put in place and residents evacuated from the affected properties. Two residents from the property directly affected were placed in temporary accommodation.

Haringey Building Control attended to assess the damage to the affected structures and advise the emergency services. Power was switched off to the area until the scene could be declared safe.

St. Aidan’s primary school in the near vicinity received a number of press enquiries and were supported by the Council Press Team. Pupils were kept inside and a reassurance message sent to parents – pupils were collected as normal at 15:15 through an alternative entrance.

A Rest Centre was opened at Hornsey Vale Community Centre for any residents who may have been displaced. This was managed by Rest Centre Manager, Chris Vavlekis with the support of Rest Centre Volunteer, Jocelyn Weekes.

Three residents attended the centre, of which one was able to return home later in the evening, one was able to stay with family and one required temporary accommodation and transport assistance from the council.

At 19:09 the fire was confirmed to be out and the cordon reduced to three properties which incurred damage. Crews will return to the scene later in the evening to ensure embers have not reignited. The Rest Centre was later closed at around 20:00. National Grid and UKPN are on scene working to isolate the power and gas supply disruption to the affected property and reconnect the other 56 properties affected by the outage.

With thanks to all those who supported the response.