London Concrete Campaign Update


After a packed public meeting on the 12th April 2016 we are asking you to join our local community based campaign against London Concretes application to triple the number of daily vehicle journeys from its depot through our neighbourhoods. 


There are three ways you can help:


  1. Circulate this email to anyone – friends, family and neighbours - whom you think may want to object and sign up to our email address so we can keep you informed;


  1. Lodge an objection to this application on Haringey's planning portal. Click this link for the relevant application and here for documents setting out the background to the application. The deadline for filing has been extended to 24th April 2017. Some guidelines on how to respond below. There are 80 objections on Haringey’s planning portal at the moment which is only a tiny fraction of those we know are concerned at these proposals.


  1. Sign up – let us know if you want to join our steering committee or if you can deliver leaflets in your road or act as a contact for your community group. We are also looking for people with planning expertise.


Where are we now?


We are hoping the council’s planning department will refuse the application using their delegated powers otherwise it will go to a full planning committee. If rejected by the council it is very likely that London Concrete will appeal and hire a QC and expensive lawyers to fight their corner as they did in 2006. So we need to prepare for an appeal and lodge as many objections as we can to the current proposal.

Raj Sahota