Safety on Harringay Station bridge


Cllr Tim Gallagher

Residents often raise concerns about safety on the bridge that crosses Haringey Station. The bridge is steep and can be slippery in winter, particularly on the approach from Quernmore Road and at the bottom of the bridge leading to Wightman Road. 

I met with a representative from Network Rail on site earlier this week. Network Rail have already removed one of the cycle barriers and extended the hand rail at the bottom of the bridge, and they will now do the same at the top of the bridge. This will give people something to hold onto at the more dangerous points on the bridge, and Network Rail are also investigating installing a slip-proof surface. 

The approach from Quernmore Road to the bridge is particulalry hazardous, and is on Haringey's land rather than Network Rail's. Last year Haringey installed a slip-proof surface on this stretch, although the general feeling is that this hasn't been a success. After the Quernmore Road regeneration project is completed - which inlcudes a new mural, planting and seating - we will consider options including putting in a hand rail.  

Thanks to residents for keeping up the pressure on this, particularly Kit from the Stroud Green Residents Association and Matt from But First Coffee.